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New lever pump

Mar 12, 2021 | News-en

With the latest versions of PN13240 lever pumps at 4000 bar and PNP240 with integrated 4-way 3-position valve, EUROPRESS expands its already consolidated range of lever pumps for diversified professional uses.

  • the PNP240 is a very high-tech pump particularly suitable for use with double-acting cylinders or for all those equipment that require a double-acting control.
  • The PN13240 is a 4000 BAR very high pressure pump for diversified professional uses, particularly suitable in the case of unsetting of bearings, tightening, pre-tensioning of studs, bursting tests and calibrations.

 download brochure PN13240 / PNP240
 download brochure PN13240 / PNP240
 download brochure PN13240 / PNP240