EURO PRESS PACK products are the only ones in the sector treated with the Nitreg® ONC® process which, for many years now, has been carried out exclusively within our plants

This process is a thermo-chemical treatment applied to steel, that starts with the liquid nitriding phase followed by an oxidation phase, causing a change in the steel’s superficial chemical structure.
This alteration makes steel exceptionally hard and resistant to corrosion. The already enhanced resistance is further strengthened with the application of a special oil that coats the treated surfaces and makes them immune to corrosion (tests conducted in saline smoked rooms show up to 300 hours of resistance to corrosion according to ASTM B117).

Our products, treated with this process, are therefore especially suitable for applications with high risks of corrosion and mechanical wear.

The black colour of all EUROPRESS products is a direct result of the last phase of this unique treatment and has come to symbolize our long lasting effort towards the pursuit of quality.