How to choose a cylinder

How to choose a cylinder

Some essential information is necessary to choose the correct cylinder. This information includes:
And some supplementary data such as:

Load return

Load return , in which the piston is retracted by the weight of the load (or any other external force). The minimum force required to retract the piston is approximately 0,2% of the rated cylinder nominal push value. These cylinders are the most economic solution for an application that does not require quick removal of the cylinder after the load has been lowered. The cylinders of the CGG, CGR, CGS ranges belong to this group.

Spring return

Spring assisted return , in which the piston is retracted by means of an internal compression or tension spring inside the cylinder . These cylinders are proposed whenever it is necessary to remove the cylinder quickly once the load has been lowered. The cylinders of the CMC, CMF, CMI, CML, CMP, CMT ranges belong to this group.

Oil return

Oil Return, (double acting): the piston is retracted hydraulically by pumping oil into the anular chamber of the cylinder. These cylinders are ideal for use in production applications where a fast cycle time is required. When being used in a lifting application, lowering of the load can be controlled by fitting a pilot check valve and one-way flow distributor into the circuit. The return pressure can be set at a lower value when it is only needed to retract the piston. The cylinders of the COF, COI, COS ranges belong to this group. When it is necessary also to exert a pulling force, we recommend cylinders belonging to the COD ranges . These cylinders are supplied complete with the required threads and connections and may also be operated at the maximum working pressure on both sides of the piston.

Example: cylinder

C # # # # # # # # # #
Cylinder Return type SerieS Pushing force in tons N = Standard
P = Plunging
(with no end of stroke nut)
Stroke in mm F = with base mounting holes
T = with mobile integral saddle


Cylinder, spring return with 20 t. force, N version, 100 mm stroke.


Load return cylinder with safety nut, 200 t. force, N version, 250 mm stroke with fixing holes in the base and integral saddle.