LIGHTWEIGHT HAND PUMPS 700 - 1000 - 1600 - 2800 BAR


e weight and strength characteristics of the PL range have been retained in the new PN range. Some new models have been added to our hand pumps with the introduction of our new PNP series designed with a plastic reservoir for pump primarily used in fixed operations.
e traditional reliability of the PL pumps has been further enhanced thanks to a new design of the piston and pump body. is will reduce the ingress of dirt particles into the pump.
Pumps with a 1 and 2 liter reservoir capacity have been completely re-designed and are characterized by a higher usable volume which enables the operator to use the total capacity without venting or alternatively, to ll in completely the reservoir and use a higher capacity a er having vented.
In these pumps the venting plug is on the rear part of the reservoir so that, without any further modi cation, the pumps can be used vertically with the pump body facing down.
e handy lever lock enables the pump lever as a handle whilst carrying around the pump, even with accessories assembled to the pump.
On the pump body, which is designed as low pro le projecting accessories can be assembled with no excessive overhang to the front feet. e pump is easily secured to a base through the xing holes in the rear, and by the forks in the feet located in the front of the pump.
All pumps have an externally adjustable relief valve and most of them have a side or front port for a direct connection of a gauge.
Reservoir capacity 0,7 - 8,0 l
Oil delivery per stroke in HP 0,8 - 2,7 cm3
Max working pressure 700 - 1000 - 1600 - 2800 bar