Synchrolift (Synchronous Lifting System) is the most sophisticated method to lift up and lower down any kind of load in a perfectly synchronised way and with the highest degree of precision. This system splits the oil flow coming out from a hydraulic power pack and directs it towards different lifting points; it controls and monitors the different flows thanks to a range of electric valves controlled by a PLC. The PLC controls the flow in the direction of a number of cylinders, checking the signals issued by dynamic transducers and activating appropriately the monitoring valves. This electric system enables the regulation of the movement of the cylinders stopping and/or slowing down those that exceed the difference in allowed movement as chosen by the client. A PC provides for its control system. Synchrolift is easy to control, multipurpose and extremely accurate, it can handle simultaneously many lifting points, even with different capacity cylinders. The programme can also deal both with linear and planar nonparallel lifting operations, counteracting with pinpoint precision structural failure (e.g. a bridge pier, one end of which has yielded).
Lifting points 4 - 48
Force for each point 100 -1000 t
Max Pressure 700 bar
Max Precision
0,1 mm