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The torque wrenches are used in all industrial sectors on pumps, valves, compressors, flanges, heat exchangers, presses, steel mills, machine tools, etc.
Through the correspondence between pressure and torque, determined using the graph provided, torque is controlled by setting the output pressure of a separate power unit of the series MDW or MME10WR/4.
The hydraulic hoses are connected to a swivel coupler  that can be rotated through 360° allowing hoses to be conveniently set free of obstructions. The construction in high strength light alloy offers a particularly favourable torque/weight ratio and very limited  dimensions. 

Two versions are available:

with square drive 

– Designed to be used in combination with standard sockets, this wrench is the most versatile solution for the largest part of operative conditions.
– The square drive, promptly switchable between tightening and untightening function, can be easily removed to fit special direct drives to the wrench.
– The reaction arm, secured by a quick release lock, can be rapidly oriented to suit specific operative conditions.

Accessories are available upon request or can be custom made, such as:

– Special reaction arms
– Male – hexagon adaptors
– Female direct fit adaptors
– Transducerized sockets for direct torque reading

with hexagon cassette head

– This version is fitted with a female, open hexagon that fits directly onto the nut or the bolt head.
– It is the ideal solution in the cases where there is limited access overhead or with bolts having a long thread protrusion preventing the use of bushings.
– The tool is composed of a body, that is the power operator, and an interchangeable cassette head corresponding to the size of the hexagon to be driven. The change of the head is quick and easy, just requiring to release and reinsert a pin.

Accessories are available upon request or can be custom made, such as:

– Reducing sleeves for use with a range of smaller size
– Reaction extensions
– Square adaptors 
– Male hexagonal adaptors.

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